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Hello, and welcome to the BMW Service Center. Here at our BMW dealership, we understand that when a customer needs assistance or service done on their vehicle that they want only the best quality and 100% satisfaction. To help serve you, we offer a wide variety of services, including repairs and regular maintenance. Give us a call or come in to find out about each of the services we have to offer. We are here to assist you!

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Each of our automotive technician at the BMW Service Center is certified and experts on how to service all makes and models. So no matter what you need to have done, they’ve got you covered.

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Our BMW Service Center only uses OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts that are made just for the vehicle that is being serviced. With an OEM part, you do not have to do any shopping around to try to find the right part because the part you’re getting is the exact same as the one that it is replacing and is guaranteed to fit and work with the rest of the vehicle. OEM parts also guarantee at least a one-year warranty for the part itself as well as labor. While aftermarket parts may be cheaper and more readily available than OEM parts, there is such a thing as too many options, and this can be very overwhelming. Bear in mind also that since companies other than the original manufacturer makes them, an aftermarket part may not quite fit your automobile as there could be even just the slightest difference in quality that could throw off the whole vehicle. In addition to those two cons of purchasing aftermarket parts, there is no guarantee that an aftermarket part will come with a warranty.